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Squeek Lights has worked with a wide array of tour managers and designers, providing lighting rental, truss rental, rigging equipment rental, and concert lighting design services to notable venues in the greater New York City area as well as across the United States.

Check out some of the recent live performance eye candy made possible by our stage lighting rental and concert lighting design services.

Coheed And Cambria: Summer 2022 Tour

Lighting design by: Victor Zeiser and Ben Jarrett of Squeek Lights
Programmer / LD: Ben Jarrett

The Squeek crew is especially proud of this look that came together with a combination of Chauvet R1 BeamWashes and big gobo Elation Picassos that punctuated the stage with fingers of light shining down across the performance space.

Gear List:

  • 2x GrandMA3 Lites
  • 23x Elation Picasso
  • 36x Chauvet R1 BeamWash
  • 23x Chauvet R3X Wash
  • 17x Chauvet Color Strike-M
  • 12x Chauvet DJ Shocker 2
  • 6x ADJ Hex Panel IP
  • ADJ VS3 Video Wall

August Burns Red

Lighting design by: Carlos Katsurayama

In a dramatic vision come to life, this concert space was designed with red & white beams of light that were created by an array of ADJ Jolt Bars accented by X-Laser units and Chauvet RH-1 Hybrids.

Gear List:

  • 36x ADJ Jolt Bar FX
  • 13x Chauvet R3X Washes
  • 14x Chauvet RH-1s
  • 6x X-Laser HPX M-5 Lasers


Lighting Design by: Cam Birchill

This lighting design put to work a combination of lights and video spanning the concert space. Highlighting this concert lighting package is a video wall flanked by piercing beams of light from the Elation Dartz 360 and veil-like rays created by six Elation Picassos, producing a very memorable effect.

Gear List:

  • 1x GrandMA 3 Lite
  • 6x Elation Picasso
  • 16x Elation Dartz 360
  • 12x Chauvet NXT-1
  • 6x Chauvet R1 BeamWash
  • 10x Chauvet Shocker 2
  • 12x Elation Protron 3k Color
  • 4x Elation Protron 3K
  • ADJ VS3 Video Wall

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