About Squeek Lights

With a college education in lighting design, Victor Zeiser branched out after college to create light shows for some of his favorite bands, including They Might Be Giants. While touring, he discovered a surprising shortage of budget-friendly concert lighting options available to bands who were touring on a budget.

Recognizing this void in the industry was the inspiration for Victor to form a boutique concert lighting company of his own, and in 2014, Squeek Lights was established. He started by purchasing a lighting system of his own, and by operating out of a tiny storage unit in Queens, he was able to start a lighting rental business of his own. The business found a sweet spot in the market and began to grow, prompting an upgrade to share a larger shop space. In the years that followed, Squeek Lights gained momentum and expanded its services to provide professional stage lighting, concert lighting design, lighting rentals, sales, and more. Satisfying the needs of regional and national tour managers and lighting designers, Squeek Lights delivers a level of expertise, professionalism, and customer support you simply would not get at a “big box” live music event lighting company.



Victor Zeiser

With a life-long passion for music, Victor gained two decades of event and concert lighting design experience under his belt. He has toured with a number of notable bands over the years and has provided stage lighting services including lighting design to bands such as Beartooth, Grouplove, Manchester Orchestra, The Kooks, August Burns Red, and more.

Having retired from his touring days, Victor is now fully-committed to leading his concert lighting company home base, Squeek Lights. Along with his team, he provides lighting designers and tour managers with the professional stage lighting services they need to put together a concert lighting experience that is technically advanced, emotionally driven, and totally unforgettable.



Ben Jarrett

Ben started his touring career in 2015. Throughout those years, he has had the opportunity to work for bands like Coheed & Cambria, Minus the Bear, Lucius, Nada Surf, LP, GRiZ, Mad Decent Block Party, and many more. His passion for concert lighting design enables him to bring the artist's vision to life with bold colors of light to evoke strong emotions and lasting memories.

After touring for a few years as a lighting director, he partnered with Squeek Lights. With his vast experience in concert lighting, he has filled many different roles within the great world of lighting design. With his vast repertoire of experience on the road, Ben will keep your show running and illustrious.



Steve Kosiba

Steve joined Squeek Lights after six years at Starlite Productions, where he was head of the automated lighting department, and after working as a house LD at many venues in and around Philly. Steve has the “nuts and bolts experience” and logistical savvy to support a busy concert lighting company, and he keeps all of Squeek Lights running like a well-oiled machine. He ensures that our gear runs at 100% at all times because no one has time for faulty concert lighting equipment. With his knowledgeable background in event staging equipment, he also headlines training, troubleshooting, custom fabrication, and support to our clients at Squeek. And with experience timecoding light shows going back to 2007, he also programs timecoded shows for Squeek clients.




Our “house dog” Ruby joined Squeek Lights on the ground floor of the operation. With a passion for music and concert lighting design, her eclectic chow chow/pit bull background informs her vibe that is loyal, stoic, silly, and highly discerning all at once. These traits make her uniquely qualified to set the tone of the office with her less-is-more style of leadership. From under Victor’s desk, she also oversees budget and logistics and gives her final paw of approval on lighting rentals and creative designs. One “side eye” from this girl, and we know that we had better go back to the drawing table.

Please note that Ruby was removed from phone reception duties, as her paws often got in the way of properly routing calls, and her occasional barking and heavy breathing required too much of a learning curve for new clients to understand her.

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